Excellent Heat Insulation

NEORON® is a fiber with low heat conductivity. It has excellent heat insulation capabilities to prevent loss of body heat, keeping your body temperature consistent.

Ultra Strong Negative Static Electricity • Negative Ions

NEORON® fiber will generate negative static electricity • negative ions through friction, by rubbing against the skin or other fibers.

Superior Moisture Permeability

When fibers are wet, water will evaporate, taking some of the heat away from the material. Therefore, your body temperature will drop. NEORON® fiber does not absorb water or perspiration. It dries quickly, keeping skin dry, comfortable and warm.

Outstanding Flame Retardancy

NEORON® is a retardant material that is able to contain the spread of flames. The NEORON® bedsheets and blankets are recognized as a fire prevention product by Japan Fire Retardant Association.

The new fiber “NEORON” was invented exclusively for Nefful by Teiken Limited. Both NEFFUL and TEIKEN have put forth full devotion towards the innovation of Neoron’s research and development. All our efforts have been focused on implementing Neoron into production for 2014. The new technology and research invested has suggested that Neoron creates better material blends for better products! Neoron fiber is made from most of the same materials as Teviron and retains all of its features.


Neoron is a new fiber invented exclusively for Nefful by Teiken Limited and launched in 2014
The name NEORON comes from NE which stands for Nefful and NEO meaning new, as it is the newest fiber creation
NEORON fiber retains all the same features as TEVIRON: which are Superb Heat Insulation, Superior Moisture Permeability, Negative Static Electricity and Excellent Flame Retardancy.
Neoron’s brand new innovation also comes with a new logo, resealable packaging and product coding. The new logo resembles the wind which is symbolic to the comfortability of all Neoron products. The new packaging comes in a resealable uniform design along with English and Chinese instructions. The new product coding for Neoron is a simplistic code, consisting of the following categories >
  • AS
  • BI
  • LS
  • UW
  • SG
  • Accessories
  • Bedding Items
  • Legwear and Socks
  • Underwear
  • Support Goods


Teviron is Nefful’s first generation fiber material. Neoron is our second generation fiber which was jointly developed by Teiken and Nefful.

Neoron Negative Static Electricity Friction Experiment
(Rubbing with Other Material)

Conducted at the third party UNITIKA Evaluation Technology Organization Center in Japan
Experimental Method: Base on JIS L1094 Friction with Voltage Measurement
Room Temperature: 20° C, 40% Relative Humidity