Japan Nefful was founded in 1973 by Mr. Kamijo Hisami. Its headquarters are located in Shizuokaken, Japan. with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation.

Nefful has not only made a breakthrough in conventional operation methods, but also plays a leading role in the pursuit of health and beauty. It is the first to adopt a "home party" sales channel to share the superlative products that the company has developed. Nefful is dedicated to the development of undergarments. In addition to its R&D of high-end undergarments featuring remarkable body-shaping results, commenced in 1975, Nefful also puts an emphasis on the concepts and knowledge of designs that focus on overall appearance.

To help the public live a healthy and high-quality life, Nefful started to sell Teviron health series products in 1979.

To combine beauty with health and hope, and to share this wonderful career with more people,
Nefful has expanded overseas:

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  • 1989

    Established Nefful
    Taiwan Co., Ltd.
    (Taipei City)

  • 1993

    Established Kaohsiung
    Branch Office

  • 1996

    Established Taichung
    Branch Office

  • 2001

    Established Taoyuan
    Branch Office

  • 2002

    Established Nefful
    USA Inc.
    (Los Angeles)

  • 2005

    Established Nefful
    Hong Kong Ltd

  • 2006

    Established Nefful
    (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
    (Kuala Lumpur)

  • 2010

    Established Nefful
    Singapore Holdings
    Pte Ltd

We believe that our branches will be distributed worldwide in the near future.

Nefful has spared no efforts in public welfare activities. Nefful has always played a leading role in promoting education, helping the people in need, and making donations and has set a good role model in the industry. In 1999, Nefful (Taiwan) was selected one of the top six direct sales companies by Life magazine, a famous magazine in Taiwan.

NEFFUL SINGAPORE sincerely welcome you to join us. Let's work together for a better future.

We at Nefful bring creative ways to enjoy life

Acts as the outpost of Nefful Group, Japan Nefful is running a smooth business operation and fully master the sales points inside Japan and overseas. We will strive our best to maintain close contact with different sales points to expand our business in the future.

Practices is more important than theories
Talking about something does not mean accomplishing it
Action speaks louder than words

Even the smallest tasks are difficult to complete
Because they are often overlooked
Therefore they require devotion and tenacity

Resolution is easy to make but hard to carry out
Minor issues can accumulate to become major issues

Success is achieved by one’s determination and best effort

Kepercayaan Nefful 妮芙露信仰

Amalan lebih penting daripada teori. Hanya membincangkan sesuatu tanpa tindakan tidak bermakna menjayakannya.

Apa yang dilakukan oleh seseorang lebih bermakna daripada apa yang dijanjikan akan dilakukan olehnya.

Kita harus menjalankan setiap tugas dengan sempurna walaupun tugas itu merupakan tugas yang paling kecil. Oleh itu, kita harus berusaha sedaya upaya dalam menjalankan setiap tugas.

Adalah mudah untuk mengadakan sesuatu cita-cita, tetapi melaksanakan cita-cita memang susah. Perkara yang kecil boleh menjadi perkara penting kerana sedikit dikit, lama-lama menjadi bukit.

Hidup adalah penuh dengan perjuangan dan kejayaan hanya dapat dicapai melalui ketekunan dan keazaman.

The Teviron Fiber Has Been Awarded 3 Major Awards

When Teviron invented its own fabric in 1955, it was widely popular over a short time and helped numerous people. This creation brought a new concept and technology in the history of garment making.

Awarded the
Okochi Award
in year 1959.
The highest honour in the
fiber sector.

Awarded the

in year 1960.
Presented by the late
Hirohito Emperor of Japan.

Awarded the

in year 1961.
An award from the
chemical sector of Japan.